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Joshua Fields, Chairman

Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA)

Dear Chairman Fields,

As a TWIA policyholder and concerned resident of the Texas Gulf Coast, I am writing to express my opposition to the possibility of the TWIA Board of Directors recommending a premium increase on residential and commercial policies for 2020 during its August 6 meeting in Galveston. 

 With the passage of HB 1900 during the 86th Texas Legislature, a Legislative Funding Oversight Committee will be appointed to study TWIA's rate adequacy. The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) is taking informal comments from the public on possible rule revisions necessarily to implement HB 1900. The deadline for comment is the same date as TWIA's deadline for comments on the Rate Adequacy Analysis - July 31, 2019. 

 It is premature for TWIA to be proposing premium increases for residential and commercial policies before TDI implements these important statutory changes. It seems TWIA is jumping the gun to push for significant rate increases while facing additional legislative oversight into the rate-setting process. There are sufficient premiums, assessments and reinsurance to cover potential TWIA liabilities for 2020. Please encourage your fellow Board members to show restraint and allow the will of the Legislature to be fully implemented before TWIA pulls the trigger on a rate increase that could significantly stifle rebuilding and rehabilitating homes, businesses and lives along the Texas coast.



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